Welcome to Western’s Human Resources.  We have designed the following web pages with the goal of connecting you with the many benefits and services available to University employees, and providing a place where you can find policies, guidelines, and resources related to your employment type and needs.

We trust that you will find our site informational, useful and easy to navigate.  The Human Resources Department supports Western’s mission to serve the people of the state of Washington, the nation and the world by bringing together individuals of diverse background and perspectives in an inclusive, student-centered university that develops the potential of learners and the well-being of communities.

Western’s faculty and staff are one of our greatest resources, and are committed to support a vibrant learning environment for our students.  From recruitment to retirement and everything in between, we strive to impact the personal and professional lives of faculty and staff in meaningful and significant ways.  We believe that healthy and happy employees are productive employees, and are better able to carry out the University’s mission.  Western employees care and come from all walks of life, but we work for the common goal of making Western’s workforce the best in its class, where all employees are treated with equity and dignity.

Your comments and feedback about our website are welcomed and would provide valuable insight to help us improve our services.  If you have an idea or a comment, please send your suggestions to me at Chyerl.Wolfe-Lee@wwu.edu.

Thank you for visiting our site and come back often!

Chyerl Wolfe-Lee, PHR, CLRP
Assistant Vice President for Human Resources


  • HR Questions of the Week
    Beginning in January 2016, HR will be providing an “HR Questions of the Week” posting.  The questions and answers will be posted weekly in Western Today and HR Today – see link on the HR website.  Postings will be developed from actual questions that are asked of HR. As an example, this week HR received…
  • Classified staff classification and compensation process
    Western HR is providing the following information on the classified staff classification and compensation process. A number of questions have arisen regarding this process and we hope that the following information provides some clarity for both employees and supervisors. Decisions regarding an employee’s classification are made at time of recruitment, when a supervisor submits a…
  • Suspended Operations and Inclement Weather for CLASSIFIED Staff
    Suspended Operations Policy – applies when the University is CLOSED. Please access the following links for guidance: Policy U5400.04 2015-2017 Collective Bargaining Agreements: WFSE (Bargaining Units A, B, E) – Article 17 PSE (Bargaining Units D, PTE) – Article 16.1   Inclement Weather Policy – applies when the University is OPEN, but weather conditions may…
  • 2016 W-4
    Hi everyone,   Just a reminder to submit a newForm W-4 for 2016 if your marital status or withholding allowances have changedor will change for the New Year.  You can update your Form W-4 on Web4U byfollowing these instructions:   • Click on the “Employee”tab • Click on “Tax Forms” • Click on “W-4 TaxExemptions/Allowances” • Click “Update” • More…


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