Social Media Story-a-fy your content

Looking at the rise of short form direct content, there are several news outlets experimenting with their own content using an Instagram or SnapChat stories approach. Integrating video and photography into a short form digital-story, CNN has been trying it out hitting on world topics. What’s interesting about this content and style…is that it…

Screen Cap’n

Screencast-O-Matic (for WWU) Doing a search for “screen capturing” or “screen recording” software can lead you down a bumpy road. Luckily, WWU has Screencast-o-matic, a one stop shop for recording your presentation, webcam, app demonstration; and easily edit it. There are a number of Screencast-O-Matic tutorials available for you to review on the Screencast-O-Matic website….

Video games won’t rot your brain; but screen-time will (educationally speaking)

Cognitive development: What are the Effects of Tablets and Smartphones on Babies’ Brains? | Babies: Their Wonderful World 2016- TODDLERS’ FINE MOTOR MILESTONE ACHIEVEMENT IS ASSOCIATED WITH EARLY TOUCHSCREEN SCROLLING {LINK} Touchscreen technologies provide an intuitive and attractive source of sensory/cognitive stimulation for young children. Despite fears that usage may have a negative impact on…

“Creativity is the new Literacy”

A partnership between Oxford and CreativeLive (Chase Jarvis, Seattle) has been formed. “As of today, more than 24,000 University of Oxford students will have access to CreativeLive….”

Anchor.FM & Introducing Podcasting in a Classroom?

  With this second golden age of podcasting, podcast production is getting easier and easier. Anchor.FM (recently acquired by Spotify) allows users to use a free mobile app, or web browser, and any microphone, and allows anyone to get started podcasting without any real need of knowing “editing.” And accounts/hosting is free (at least at…

Shot, Animated, Produced; all on iPad

Apple’s newly released series of advertisements for the iPad Pro all sport the minimalistic design style that Apple is known for. But, this time, these ads were all done used the actual tool they are advertising for…

Photogrammetry Rundown

If your system does not have a nvidia chipset, you may have found that many of the free or opensource photogrammetry apps need it to do a dense reconstruction of your point cloud. Max von Übel  has written up his 14 Best Photogrammetry Software Tools in 2019 (5 are Free), that will help you find…

Editing 102: EdTPA & Censoring Effect

Following the post Editing 101; EdTPA & Final Cut, need to censor out a face in your video? This tutorial will walk you through the steps to quickly, and as easily as possible, apply a static or dynamic (tracking) censor effect to a segment of video. Things to remember:

Editing 101 : EdTPA & Final Cut Pro

Following the Camera 101 tutorial, here is a brief tutorial on how to use Apple’s Final Cut Pro to edit your video and prep it correctly for the EdTPA portfolio site. Things to remember: