Screen Cap’n

Screencast-O-Matic (for WWU)

Doing a search for “screen capturing” or “screen recording” software can lead you down a bumpy road.

Luckily, WWU has Screencast-o-matic, a one stop shop for recording your presentation, webcam, app demonstration; and easily edit it.

There are a number of Screencast-O-Matic tutorials available for you to review on the Screencast-O-Matic website. Also, can be available for WWU faculty and staff for a one-on-one session on getting started.

Recording on a Mac using Mojave

Command + Shift +5= Screen capture and record on any Mac running Mojave.

With it, you can record anything on your screen natively using QuickTime, or quickly just clip your screen into a still photo screen shot.

Command + Shift +5 bringing up and recording on Mojave

Recording or Capturing screens using MonoSnap

MonoSnap is an (RU based) independent screen capturing and screen recording application that is cross platform and Free(mium). Local recording is free for personal use (and then you can upload to wherever you’d like after), but their are paid premium features.

What I like to use this app for is their screen capturing and annotating. If you need to capture somthing on your screen and add arrows or text to send a response back to a student or client – it is super fast and helpful (but check your spelling- no grammar or spellcheck in app.)

Screen recording on your iOS device

When iOS “turned it up to 11” with iOS 11, they included a somewhat hidden power user feature in Control Center called Recording.

To access it first go to Setting>Control Center>Customize Controls and press the green + icon on Recorder to bring it up into your control center.

From there you can access with a swipe from the bottom and press the Recorder’s circle icon to begin recording what you do on your screen

PRO TIP: Be sure to enable Do not Disturb, or Airplane mode to disable your notifications or text messages. Don’t want to have a “I love you hon” random text come in as you are recording somthing for class.