Canvas LMS, meet WordPress 5 training.

Let’s say you are a faculty at WWU, and you’ve decided to incoporate WordPress into your class. You might be asking yourself “so, now how can I teach my students what they need to know about Wp.wwu to do this great assignment?” Luckily, you have your course in Canvas; so look no further than Canvas Commons.

“[Canvas] Commons is a learning object repository that enables educators to find, import, and share resources. A digital library full of educational content, Commons allows Canvas users to share learning resources with other users as well as import learning resources into a Canvas course.

Instructure; Canvas

In Canvas Commons, there are several learning objects that you can import directly into your class. Topics are wide ranging, and authored for practically any grade level (K-12 and higher ed). Authors can be from your institution (like this friendly neighborhood technologist) , faculty from other institutions, or even from major companies like Apple (say, if you wanted to have a turn key curriculum to teach your students how to code in Swift.)

Here at WWU, if you search for: “WordPress 5 @WWU”

You’ll find a dedicated learning object that you can incorporate into your your courses here at WWU that will help teach your students how to get started with WordPress, and how to get started creating content. The this training is broken up into modules, with sample quizzes that you can choose from and use. Each of the videos are broken down into topics from just signing up and getting started, to getting more technical and how to use the Gutenberg, or block editor, interface released in 2018.

Canvas Commons Learning Object for WordPress 5 @WWU