A Technologist’s Guide for Students Online

Building on the initial Covid-19 Tactics posts, this time this is geared more towards students looking for creative tools for AV and collaboration.



Saving Money on Apple FCP and Adobe CC (see presentation)



Screen Capturing Software

  • Screencast-o-matic (student accounts can record for 20min) or for about $2 a month get a ton more features
  • QuickTime Player (as a camera recorder- Mac)
    • I use this with the internal camera on the Macbook, and use it to record my ‘floating head’ self. This can also be done in Monosnap (below) for PC users.
  • Monosnap
    • Its free(mium), Mac, PC, Chrome installable, and my go-to screen recording tool. It can also do picture-in-picture all within the app (won’t green screen), and allows you to do annotations on static screen shots you might need for PDF documents in your class.

Presentation slides