AV For The At Home Educator (Intro & Camera)

Introduction to the series and diving into camera setups.

In Monday’s proclamation by Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, he has ordered all in the state to “stay home- stay healthy.” As educators follows his order to ‘hunker down,’ I pick up where my previous posts left off on tactics work-at-home educators can employ in their online teaching. This upcoming short video series coalesces Covid-19 around a presentation I developed back in 2017 on the concepts of “Alternative AV; Breaking the Barriers to Media Creation.” In this first video, I weave together three cameras around the home and how they can level up our instruction.

For my full write up of equipment and tactics for the at home educator because of covid-19, see this previous post.

Slides: work in progress:

Link to the slide deck can be found here.