STC Online Workshops: Canvas Course

Launching today, the STC now has a self-enroll Canvas course called STC Online Workshops. It is an ongoing course that anyone in the WWU community (students, staff, faculty) can enroll and learn any of the face-to-face application support and technology workshops we used to host in HH245…. as well as a few new ones coming soon.

To enroll;  

It is a work in progress, and modules will be added as soon as STC staff create them, so if you complete a module be sure to check back to see if new content is added.

Looking to add an STC workshop to your class?

If you are a faculty member looking to add a STC workshop to your current online course, all of these trainings are already available in Canvas Commons. You can easily add any of our trainings as a module to your course

A gif with the steps to add a Canvas Commons module to a class
How to add a Canvas Commons module to a class