Discord & EdTech

A quick read from the folks at Discord on uses of the Discord platform, and how it could be used in edtech.

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What can Discord do? And didn’t it start off as a platform for gamer convo? Yes and in short…

A dedicated, free to use, invite only class space for classes like AP US History

Text channels to organize things like lessons, homework, or study groups so students can go over the latest Pre-Calculus assignments together

Voice channels for both one-to-one and group discussions, or even office hours

A real-time teaching environment where lessons can be shared with up to 50 people at a time

Discord via Medium

They even have a template for educators who are curious or are looking to get started setting things up here which includes a “pre-organized classroom space.”

Sign up screen for Discord and "Create a server for your classroom" template

“Conducting class remotely”

“Discord’s Go Live feature allows you to teach a class for as many as 50 people, regardless of where they are. Students don’t see you, they only see what you’re sharing on your computer. As you present, you can take questions and call on students just as you would in a traditional classroom. The session can’t be accessed by anyone outside the server.”

Discord: Medium