News from our Dec 2019 EPR cruise

Our work at the EPR was featured on the ‘Extreme Field Work’ feature of Gizmodo:


Arellano Lab is featured in the Biology Department Newsletter 19-20 


Jake Lawlor smiling, standing on a rocky beach, wearing a white lab coat, and holding a dead giant pacific octopus.

Congratulations to Jake Lawlor for winning a WWU Outstanding Graduate Student Award and a Biology Department Outstanding Graduate Research Award!

Last day of Leg 1

Leg 1 Crew. L-R: Ahna Van Gaest (WWU), Esmeralda Farias (WWU), Matt DePaolis (UO), Hailey Dearing (WWU), Dexter Davis (WWU), Natalie Contreras (UO), Serena McCoard (UO), Mitch Hebner (UO), Kandace Wheeler (UO), Caitlin Plowman (UO), Jackson Hoeke (UO), Laura Anthony (WWU), Craig Young (UO), Tralee Chapman (UO), Lauren Rice (UO), Avery Calhoun (UO), Shawn Arellano… Continue Reading Last day of Leg 1

Adieu, soleil

Laura Anthony, Senior at Western Washington University Landlocked in Montana as a child, but craving the majesty and mystery of the ocean, I had no choice but to read of the high seas. For years, I sailed aboard the Nautilus with Dr. Aronnax and avidly flipped through marine textbooks. One day, I happened upon a book… Continue Reading Adieu, soleil

Dispersal of Deep-Sea Larvae

Arellano and Young labs. Gulf of Mexico, 2020 The Arellano Lab is headed to sea!  Follow our cruise along on our Dispersal of Deep-Sea Larvae blog and on instagram (@larvallab)