We are a computational research group in the Department of Chemistry at Western Washington University, focusing on the electronic structure of inorganic materials for energy applications. By harnessing the power of a variety of first-principles and semi-empirical methods, and viewing results through the lens of chemical intuition, we aim to understand, predict, and control the structural and electronic properties of these materials.

Rob joined the department in the fall of 2013, and has enjoyed his time teaching and doing research with undergraduate and master’s students. If you are a WWU student with interests in chemistry, physics, materials science, computing, or a combination thereof, feel free to contact Robert.Berger@wwu.edu to discuss current research opportunities.
Robert F. Berger
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Office: CB 240
Telephone: (360) 650-4327
Email: Robert.Berger@wwu.edu

A.B., Princeton University, 2005
Ph.D., Cornell University, 2009
Postdoc, Berkeley Lab, 2009-2013
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Current Group Members

Dario Cirlincione (since 2019)
Nguyen Huynh (since 2020)
Sydney Sipes-Hayse (since 2017)
Corey Teply (since 2018)

Group Alumni (and their next steps after graduation)

Haley Doran ’18 (2017-18) – M.S. program in WWU Department of Chemistry
Bradley Ehrlich ’16 (2013-14)
Adam Elder ’16 (2014-16) – M.S. program in U of Washington Department of Biostatistics
Eoghan Gormley ’17 (2014-15) – Ph.D. program in U of Oregon Department of Chemistry
Linda Grabill M.S. ’16 (2013-16) – teaching chemistry and physics at WWU
Chris Grote ’15 (2013-15) – M.S. Industrial Internship program at U of Oregon
Ryan Hackler ’14 (2013-14) – Ph.D. program in Northwestern U Department of Chemistry
Geoff McClarin ’19 (2016-19) – Ph.D. program in UC Irvine Department of Chemistry
Jess Mollerup ’20 (2020) – M.S. program in WWU Department of Geology
Lilah Nay ’20 (2019-20)
Nicole Onishi ’17 (2015-17) – Ph.D. program in UC Riverside Department of Chemistry
Innes Tsui ’16 (2015-16) – Ph.D. program in UC Davis Department of Chemistry
Britt Tyler M.S. ’19 (2017-19) – teaching at AB Tech Academic Learning Center (and sometimes juggling)
Josh Welsh ’17 (2016-17) – M.S. program in WWU Department of Mathematics