The Center for Cross-Cultural Research is a collaborative intellectual space where that provides opportunities for the professional growth of WWU faculty and students who are culturally-oriented, research-focused, and psychologically-grounded.

As core values, we are:


We are committed to understanding the relationship between culture and psychological processes. Although the term “cross-cultural” implies a comparative focus, we examine culture’s varied and universal influence as a dynamic system based on people’s shared meanings and understandings of the world.


As a research center, we strive to contribute to the understanding of cultural processes through systematic observation. We recognize and encourage the many different methodological practices that foster greater understanding of culture and acknowledge that effective cultural research is relational and reciprocal.


We maintain our commitment to the Center’s founding goals by examining cultural processes principally within the disciplinary lens of psychology. We focus on the various mental processes that occur within and between people’s understanding of themselves and others.

Questions concerning the Center should be addressed to

Alex Czopp
Director of the Center for Cross-Cultural Research