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Who We Are

Our Training Series

The WWU Campus Equity and Inclusion Training Series is a university-wide initiative to empower members of the Western campus community to better understand and thoughtfully engage with the experiences and identities of all our community members.  The mission of the Equity and Inclusion Training Series is twofold:

  1. To honor and endorse existing training and engagement opportunities for Western employees to expand their critical cultural consciousness
  2. To provide a single portal for Western faculty and staff to register for diversity-related training and events

The Equity and Inclusion Training Series welcomes staff and faculty from across the university to attend, design and lead its workshops. Support and facilitation of these workshops is a combined effort of all divisions, colleges, and departments.

How Does the Campus Equity and Inclusion Training Series Work?

The training series on campus are tailored to adult learning for employees to promote various opportunities for both professional and personal development. Each workshop connects employee learning to real-world scenarios, as well as events that they can relate to or tie back to their own life experiences and knowledge. Participants can draw on their own experiences as they relate to the training concepts or topics.

Each workshop facilitates a conversation that can enhance an employee’s day-to-day work environment by providing practical and useful tools. We provide a training series on four different conceptual levels. Our workshops are tailored to meet you where you are in your learning on such topics.

4 quadsUpon completion of one workshop from each of the four conceptual areas below over the course of an academic year, participants will receive a certificate of lifelong learning – as diversity and inclusion work is an ongoing process.

Training workshops will include but are not limited to:
Concept 1: Cultural Awareness of Self
– Caring for One’s Spirit and Health for the Long Haul
– Beyond the Wheelchair Symbol: Welcoming disability culture in the workplace
Concept 2: Experiences of Others
– Fostering Inclusive Learning Environments for Transgender, Genderqueer and Non-Binary Students
– Micro-Affirmations & Eliminating Subtle Discrimination
Concept 3: Critical Conversations in the Workplace
– Understanding Diversity through Perceptions and Language
– A Conversation for Majority Culture Professionals
Concept 4: A Call to Action
– Infusing social justice in all classrooms: Towards inclusive content and pedagogy
– Serving Up Empathetic Education in a Diverse Society


Response From Campus

President Acknowledges Equity Forums

“I would like to thank all of the students, faculty and staff who have been involved in working on these initiatives and the enormous commitment of time and energy they have made on behalf of all of us in the Western community. The leadership, outreach, expertise, and partnership of the President’s Taskforce on Equity, Inclusion and Diversity has touched nearly all of these new initiatives.”

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Curious About Our Upcoming Scheduled Classes?

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