Eurydice Pentz. // Courtesy of Eurydice Pentz

Western on the Peninsulas student Eurydice Pentz has been published in the seventh edition of Western’s academic journal Occam’s Razor. The publication provides an outlet for students to share their scholarly work with a broader campus audience.

Pentz’s work, titled “Skin Deep Green: Environmentalism in Contemporary America” explores attitudes toward environmentalism in America throughout the last 30 years.

Here are Pentz’s remarks about her article:

Global warming is an environmental problem that’s hard for people to wrap their minds around. It’s not tangible, like contaminated water is, or an oil spill. Even if we can’t see or feel the problem of global warming, we know we are part of the problem. And we’re worried about it.

Why is our environmentalism, as a country, so shallow? My essay explores some of the reasons.  One is the currently intangible nature of the problem. Others relate to our cognitive biases, and also our perceptions of risk.

Eurydice Pentz and her children. // Photo courtesy of Eurydice Pentz

My hope is that the better we understand why our environmentalism is so shallow, as a country, the better we can take steps to deepen it, align our words and actions, and begin to get serious about addressing global warming, as individuals and as a nation.

Pentz, who is a mother raising two teenagers and working full-time, has been praised by her mentors as an outstanding student. Pentz volunteers at the SEA Discovery Center and Aquarium in Poulsbo and is a research assistant for professor Troy Abel while working as a staff administrative assistant in the South Kitsap School District.  To see Pentz’s work and learn more about Occam’s Razor, visit

-Alyssa Evans 


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