A view of Bellingham from Bellingham Bay.

There is always something to do in Bellingham.

Maybe it’s a late night show downtown or a daytime event for the family. Regardless of what it is you’re looking for, you’ll find something.

If you’re looking to find an event to attend, one of the easiest and most convenient places to go is Facebook to see what events have been published. You can choose what day you’d like to do something, as well as where at. If you are interested in attending events hosted by certain businesses/organizations, another way to stay posted is to follow Facebook pages and events.

To find out what’s happening at Western’s Bellingham campus, the university’s event page is a good place to start. Several events get posted and are distinguishable by type, allowing users to search for events easily. However, several events happening on campus are posted on Facebook, so make sure to check both locations for a complete listing of events.

A general list of events happening in Bellingham can be found at the Bellingham Herald’s website, as well as the Bellingham.org website.

The Downtown Bellingham Partnership is a great hub to see what stores and events are happening downtown. Their website and Facebook page are both updated regularly. To get an idea of what’s happening in Fairhaven, fairhaven.com is a good place to go.

If you’re not in the mood for attending an event, there are a variety of other things to do. This list has multiple options, ranging from casinos to bird watching. If you still need some inspiration, here is a bucket list of some ideas.

The Washington Trails Association has information about trails throughout the state for those interested. And if all else fails, TripAdvisor has a list of several activities.

For those who want to get the most for their money, Groupon has several deals for Bellingham.

So, next time you want to do something more exciting than catch up on your current Netflix show, you know where to go! I hope you enjoy the city of subdued excitement.

-Alyssa Evans

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