Whenever the middle or end of the quarter looms near, exams and projects often become a source of stress for students. To lower stress levels during these time periods, here are three ways to stay calm and study on:

  • Don’t study completely on your own.

Working on a project or exam without help can be stressful. By getting a classmate or friend to give feedback on a project or to study alongside with, you can get a different perspective on what it is you’re working on. Having a study buddy can also help when quizzing yourself because they can ask you to review exam concepts, forcing you to talk through your concepts with them.

  • Do something that isn’t studying.

Studying is a must, but so is taking time away from studying. Give yourself time to take a break when studying. For example, for every hour of studying, after the hour is up take a five-minute walk free from any of your study materials. Focusing on something aside from your school responsibilities can help you feel calmer while studying, and in turn, help you remember exam concepts.

  • Take care of yourself.

You already know you should be getting a fair amount of sleep and eating healthy, so do so. Taking care of yourself will help you feel better once it’s time to take an exam or present your project. Aside from sleeping and eating, make sure to take time every day for things that leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated, such as a hot shower or exercise. Don’t take yourself for granted – you’ll appreciate your acts of self-care in the long run.

Best of luck studying.

-Alyssa Evans

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