About Gigi

Gigi Berardi’s academic background and performing experience allow her to combine her interests in the natural and social sciences with her passion for dance, as both critic and writer.

Gigi received her BA in biology with high honors from John Muir College, University of California San Diego and her MS and PhD in Resources, Policy, and Planning from Cornell University. She holds a MA in dance (now, World Arts and Cultures) from UCLA. She is now professor  (after 11 years as chair of the Department of Environmental Studies) at Huxley College, Western Washington University, where she focuses on community vulnerabilities and rural ecology. Her research and writing includes study and review of Food and Farm Systems, Native American Studies and Tribal Education, and Performing Arts. She teaches courses in writing, history and philosophy of science, sustainable agriculture, cheesemaking, and eco-gastronomy. In the summer, she takes students to Switzerland, Italy, and Mexico for field intensives.

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