FoodWISE, fiber, food shopping

Image: Blueberries, a source of fiber Gigi Berardi reads FoodWISE, the concluding paragraphs on her section on “The problem of fructose,” and offers this article tonight—has our shopping changed forever, with coronavirus?  

FoodWISE and Gigi’s favorite one paragraph, packed with nutritional messages

Image: Doughnuts, not as bad as you think (depending……………..on if and how much sugar, and how the doughnuts are “fried”) Gigi reads FoodWISE, and highlights the one paragraph in the book that says it all. (nutritionally-speaking) And here’s scientific article back-up: what’s up with fiber and whole grains?        

Bravo Pacific Northwest Ballet!

A bold move on the part of Pacific Northwest Ballet, but one that is sure to please! Applause, please:  

FoodWISE and successful “diets”

Gigi Berardi reads FoodWISE, continuing on with her section, “Believing Diets.” Provocative article from the Seattle Times: people living longer?

FoodWISE and yo-yo dieting

Gigi Berardi reads FoodWISE, what happens when we “yo-yo” diet? Lose and regain the same 10# or 25# or 125#? Our bodies are complex, sophisticated and, at times, unpredictable. Read about all that in The Atlantic tonight: the pandemic’s central mystery.

FoodWISE and eating fat to lose fat?

Eat fat to lose fat? Gigi Berardi reads FoodWISE, on the body’s daily nutrient requirements and how it very cleverly adjusts when we practice caloric restriction (via ketosis and more). And, two articles tonight, what’s a clean wine after what’s a clean wine after all? AND food security issues, again.     Image, my preferred…