FoodWISE and the science of taste

Image: Studying the science of taste in Italy, Gigi is in the middle Gigi Berardi reads FoodWISE, a new section on the science of taste, and mentions her studies in Italy, at the University of Florence with Erminio Monteleone and Caterina Dinnella. Their work here: And a must-read on much of what Gigi has…

FoodWISE and simple foods

Image—all homemade, homegrown   Gigi Berardi reads FoodWISE, and gives us a simple mantra—don’t add in the fructose or take out the saturated fat! That sits well with both Stephanie Seneff and Robert Lustig—and gives us something to chew on (leave the fiber in as well!). Tonight, an article from earlier in the year, celebrating…

FoodWISE and industry funding of food and health research

Image Sugars: How do you prefer yours? With fiber (fruit), or processed, as with the honey on the table? Or, maybe if you have some of that tea with it all, you’ll be fine?     Gigi Berardi reads FoodWISE, and reports on industry funding of food research. **Shocker**: The results are not credible! Watch…

FoodWISE and happiness

Gigi Berardi reads FoodWISE, on happiness and unhappiness—what’s in that piece of cake? And, offers a rather lengthy talk by Robert Lustig, on the hacking of the American mind.

FoodWISE and dopamine science—and what’s up with a vaccine?

Gigi Berardi reads FoodWISE, reporting on Robert Lustig’s 2017 book on happiness vs pleasure: The Hacking of the American Mind: The Science Behind the Corporate Control of our Bodies and Brains. Then, she offers a very sobering, but well-written, well-reasoned New York Times article on what we can (and cannot) expect with a coronavirus vaccine:…

FoodWISE, fiber, food shopping

Image: Blueberries, a source of fiber Gigi Berardi reads FoodWISE, the concluding paragraphs on her section on “The problem of fructose,” and offers this article tonight—has our shopping changed forever, with coronavirus?  

FoodWISE, fructose, and wildfires

Gigi Berardi reads FoodWISE, about the real problem with fructose—it’s hardly satiating. Listen to her explain why “One (piece of fructose-rich food) is too much and a thousand is not enough.” Then here, how wildfires are devastating  farms and farm workers. Image: When fire overtook Dale Smith’s ranch near Monse, Okanogan County, he lost 2,500…

FoodWISE and Gigi’s favorite one paragraph, packed with nutritional messages

Image: Doughnuts, not as bad as you think (depending……………..on if and how much sugar, and how the doughnuts are “fried”) Gigi reads FoodWISE, and highlights the one paragraph in the book that says it all. (nutritionally-speaking) And here’s scientific article back-up: what’s up with fiber and whole grains?        

FoodWISE and Mennonite Sorghum Molasses

Gigi Berardi reads FoodWISE, on some “natural” forms of sweeteners, and reminisces on her experiences with Old Order mennonite farmers, making sorghum molasses. Here, one article among many homesteading-type websites, what it’s all about: that sorghum molasses