FoodWISE and a primer on fats

Image: Nutritious fats, homemade Gigi Berardi reads FoodWISE, on fats. Tonight, a compendium of good articles, but this most relevant to colleges and universities: “States and college towns in the U.S. are now cracking down on student partying,” NYT: Colleges and universities      

FoodWISE, making obesity a disease, and Donald Byrd a household name

Gigi Berardi reads FoodWISE, critically looking at how we demonize and pathologize “obesity,” in the words ofJulie Guthman, and highlights a critically important artist—Donald Byrd. You can see some of his work here: Donald Byrd and Donald Byrd/on-view/.   Donald-Byrd-Headshot-by-Gabriel-Bienczycki

Mushroom hazelnut pate (nutrient-rich)

  My recipes are nutrient-dense.Recall that foods that typically contain saturated fatty acids are butter, red meats, coconut oil, and palm oil. Unsaturated fatty acids are found in plant foods; examples of monounsaturated fatty acids are olive oil and peanut oils. Examples of polyunsaturated fatty acids (two or more carbon bonds along the carbon chain)…

Enchanted Broccoli (Thanks to Moosewood)

  ENCHANTED BROCCOLI CASSEROLE OR MEXIAN GREEN PEPPER CASSEROLE Whole (broccoli, onion, garlic, spices, eggs) Inexpensive (buy cheddar in bulk, and grate yourself) Slow (sauté, bake) Equitable) Sensible Tasty (as long as you don’t smother with cheese) The Mexican Green Pepper Casserole is one of my favorite Moosewood recipes – I’ve used my own wan…

Recipe–salmon and cheese pate

SALMON AND CHEESE PATE Whole (garlic and lemon) Inexpensive (heck yes, with the canned pink – the way in which most people used to eat salmon in the lower 48) Slow (actually, this is pretty darned fast) Equitable (use family-fished salmon, if possible) 1 (7 oz.) can pink salmon (of course you could substitute fresh,…

Harvest on Summer Street

Many neighborhood gardens and small market garden farms could use help at harvest — check out Craig’s list! Harvest in the Cornwall Park neighborhood Processing milk into cheese — making Mozarella Just before stretching —  Mozarella     Norwegian lefsa, paper thin — for fall Scandinavian Fair