FoodWISE, sugars, podcasts, college enrollments

  Gigi Berardi reads FoodWISE, what’s happening with sugar, always on the lookout for great information—and checking on college enrollments.   Image: Just a beautiful image of Bergen

FoodWISE, sugars, pandemic

Gigi Berardi reads FoodWISE, reviewing sugars—and that we are more alike than not in how we metabolize them. Same with COVID—we are more alike than not! Let’s stay safe and social distance, and mask up! See what happens when we don’t.   Image: Those Simple Sugars  

FoodWISE, fats, and Cornell’s success

Gigi Berardi reads FoodWISE, on fats, and mentions this story on Cornell—rigorous testing and behavioral “pacts” seem to be working to keep the virus at bay.  Cornell’s success.

FoodWISE and Whole

Gigi Berardi reads FoodWISE, on the meaning of Whole. A fun story tonight: cats and their humans:  I figure every 200 vlogs, we need one!   Image: Unsplash

FoodWISE—putting it all into practice

Gigi Berardi concludes Part 2, and continues with putting FoodWISE into practice. This article tonight, was one of the first to describe FoodWISE, the entire story: Grow Northwest