FoodWISE and eating fat to lose fat?

Eat fat to lose fat? Gigi Berardi reads FoodWISE, on the body’s daily nutrient requirements and how it very cleverly adjusts when we practice caloric restriction (via ketosis and more). And, two articles tonight, what’s a clean wine after what’s a clean wine after all? AND food security issues, again.     Image, my preferred…

FoodWISE, food security, Birchwood Food Desert Fighters, and day laborers in Mumbai

Gigi Berardi reads on food security, connecting Birchwood Food Desert Fighter with day laborers in Mumbai, and asking questions about resilience. See birchwoodfoodjustice and food desert fighters, as well as See, too: labor lives matter Image: Inexpensive and nutritious bean stew, food security is a basic human right.

A Sane and Compassionate FoodWISE and EducationWISE—we are all in this together

Gigi Berardi  reads about the importance of making sane food choices—yes, whole, informed, sustainable, and experience are all part of the consideration, but we also need self-compassion. Experience, practical wisdom, and practical knowledge contribute to good food choices. In these times, however, being resilient is just as important. This is true not only for our…

Gigi Berardi reads FoodWISE in the age of coronavirus, and asks, “Is this the New Normal?” And what is it—are people hunkering down with junk food or planting tomato starts? Some news can’t make up its mind.

I’m switching gears a bit in my video series, with the title—Gigi Berardi reads FoodWISE, and asks, “Is this the new normal?” The New York Times (and gosh, the newspaper seems to go back and forth between “We-are-all-digging-a-big-hole-and jumping in with a year’s supply of cupcakes and potato chips, read: comfort food” AND everyone’s planting…

Thank you to Bellingham Alive and Cascadian Weekly–great articles on FoodWISE and its launch on January 14 at the downtown Bellingham Community Food Co-op!

See here: Thank you, Amy Kepferle of the Cascadia Weekly! Hope to see you all on the 14th at the co-op!…/c…/starting_small_ending_big Foodwise Starting small, ending big ATTEND What: FoodWISE Book Release Celebration When: 6 pm Tue., Jan. 14 Where: Community Food Co-op Cost: $5 (fee can be applied toward book purchase) Info: By Amy Kepferle