FoodWISE and the fourth of July COVID trade offs

  Gigi Berardi reads FoodWISE, part 2: Our Personal World of Food and reflects on rising COVID cases. EducationWISE is FoodWISE is protecting and social distancing: COVID on the rise. NOT FoodWISE: Making a cottage industry out of a cottage industry (COVID pastoral chic)—David Beckham chic  

FoodWISE and fierce food beliefs—what’s the deal with organic?

I read the beginning of the section on “Fierce Food Beliefs” in FoodWISE and ask us to take a serious look at organic. What’s the deal with organic? Good idea or bad idea? Biodynamics? See organic and Italy’s rich food heritage (in praise of heritage farming and biodiversity) and also: Italy says organic is all…

FoodWISE, food choices, food cultures

Gigi Berardi reads FoodWISE, the very beginning of Part 2—Our Personal World of Food, and mentions her summer courses at Western Washington University in business and sustainability—and food. One, focused on foods in Italy and Switzerland, as here: The Swiss Diet

FoodWISE, doing the right thing

Gigi Berardi concludes Part 1 of FoodWISE and asks about ways forward in trying to match health care resources with COVID case increases. Doing the right thing extends to many management decisions, as discussed in this article, in the case of Kenya, discussed in a class Gigi currently teaches, International Business and Food Sustainability.