FoodWISE, food security, Birchwood Food Desert Fighters, and day laborers in Mumbai

Gigi Berardi reads on food security, connecting Birchwood Food Desert Fighter with day laborers in Mumbai, and asking questions about resilience. See birchwoodfoodjustice and food desert fighters, as well as See, too: labor lives matter Image: Inexpensive and nutritious bean stew, food security is a basic human right.

FoodWISE, food insecurity, and India’s reopening during coronavirus

Gigi Berardi reads FoodWISE, on food security. So, food security here, food security worldwide, how will easing coronavirus pandemic restrictions help address food security challenges? Here, India opens (reported by The Guardian), even though the peak of infections has not been reached. Read here for some of the considerations: India reopening

FoodWISE, food security, and coronavirus cases surging

Gigi Berardi reads from FoodWISE, we need food security—more than ever. Worldwide now, it’s not difficult to find articles like these: coronavirus redux. See From The New York Times, “Here’s what you need to know”…. The virus is surging in Latin America, pushing the region ‘to the limit.’ • Widespread problems mar Georgia’s primaries, a test…