FoodWISE—Fear is a form of wisdom, boldness a show of carelessness

Gigi Berardi reads about the business of advertising and the business of health, and, in particular—nutritionism—obsession with single nutrients in foods. She reminds us that fear is a form of wisdom, boldness a show of carelessness, as discussed here, in the Europe she is daily monitoring: What’s happening in Europe

“The cheese nun” will be speaking in my class at WWU Feb 20—Tales from the Cheese Caves of France: at the Intersection of Cultural and Natural History

All welcome! Thursday, Feb. 20 Sister Noella Marcellino—the Cheese Nun will be speaking in my Ecogastronomy class! Thursday….Here is the 10-11:40 schedule … 10:00-10:25 Q&A with Gigi Berardi 10:25-10:30 break 10:30-11:25 Sister Noella Marcellino talk 11:25-11:40 Q&A with Sister Noella Marcellino FH 102, WWU campus. Feb 20. Sister Noella Marcellino OSB, PhD. Cheesemaker of the…

Omnivore’s Delight

Holiday dinner–Omnivore’s Delight…. Falafel with cucumber yoghurt, meatloaf with local meats, Ratatouille, sauteed tofu, our sheep cheeses including the new Shaw roquefort!