Employment Diversity & Inclusion

Mission Statement

To enhance Western’s workforce by increasing the number of qualified diverse candidates for employment and retaining diverse employees by improving our climate.

What is Employment Inclusion?

Employment Inclusion welcomes and advocates all aspects of diversity. Western has made enhancing diversity as a strategic goal for our university, and we in Human Resources have recognized our opportunity to help attain that goal. Through our Six Steps to Cultural Inclusion Model (link), we hope to increase the number of diverse employees at Western and to enhance the climate for employees of all backgrounds and identities.


Outreach and Recruitment is just one step, albeit a very important step in achieving Employment Inclusion.  With many Job Groups underrepresented by women and ethnic minority employees, we make efforts to both reach far and wide in our outreach while focusing on areas of the state and country where we know diversity is concentrated.

Are you a search committee looking for nation-wide diversity outreach? Click here.

Are you a search committee looking to contact Native American Tribes here in Washington? Click here.

If you are looking for diversity outreach best practices, click here.


We view mentoring as a retention tool for both the mentor and mentee. Many of the benefits of having a more seasoned Western Employee to meet with are clear. It gives the mentee someone to ask questions of; they are often introduced into a social group on campus and generally assisted in their new transition to Western. But being a mentor is a very rewarding experience as well.  To volunteer to be a Mentor, click here to send us an email.


We understand that the Strategic Goal of creating a positive diverse workforce is the responsibility of many and in fact we know we cannot do it alone. We thank all of our partners on and off campus who help us along with way with the work we do.