About OIR

Western’s Office of Institutional Research (OIR) supports institutional planning, policy formulation, and decision making through the development and dissemination of accurate and timely data, reports, and analysis. The OIR is committed to providing support and expertise for the evaluation and support of assessment activities and data analysis to administrative and academic departments to inform and assist institutional decision-making and planning throughout the university.

The OIR provides analysis and reporting on student characteristics and academic performance, retention and persistence, accountability, classroom utilization, access issues, program evaluation, and support for Western’s student data warehouse. Also the OIR produces extensive quarterly reporting on student enrollment, credit hour production, and faculty.

Please contact us with any questions at ir@wwu.edu

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OIR will be offering two sessions on how to use the university Fact Book.  These 45 minute sessions will give an overview of the Fact Book, how to navigate different sections, which reports to use to answer common questions, and will have time for questions and answers.  OIR is also looking for feedback on what reports would be helpful additions to the Fact Book.  These sessions are designed for all current faculty and staff.  Please contact ir@wwu.edu with any questions.

  • Friday, May 12th  –  2pm  –  CF 231
  • Tuesday, May 16th  –  9am  –  MH 135

Featured Reports

Popularity of Majors Since 1982

Popularity of Majors Since 1982

This report shows a visual representation of the increase/decrease of specific majors over time. Hovering over different majors will give more detailed information of the year, share, and total graduates.

KPI Dashboard - Tableau

KPI Dashboard

This dashboard shows the Key Performance Indicators (KPI). These metrics are critical in evaluating WWU's long term goals financially and non-financially.

Retention Rates for Students of Color

Retention Rates for Students of Color

This report visualizes and details the retention rates between students of color and attempts to explain trends.

Academic Year Average Enrollment Trends

AYA Enrollment Trends

This report shows trends in enrollment over several academic years. Users can filter by student class level, funding source, and residency status as well as see the percent change in enrollment from year to year.