LEADS-Logo-Horizontal-FullColor-RGB Creating Environments where Student

Leaders Engage in Action, Discernment, & Skills-building

Mission:  Western’s Leadership Advantage (WLA) aims to develop graduates who are well prepared to exercise responsible and innovative leadership in their chosen fields and careers, and in their communities.

LEADS provides opportunities to campus students including highly experiential courses and training, innovative lectures and events, creation of a leadership e-portfolio through a developmental learning process, and participation in collaborative learning/service learning on and off campus that prepare students to be successful leaders now and after they graduate. LEADS and Western’s Leadership Advantage supports strategic initiatives at Western to assure a focus on our campus connected to environmental and social sustainability, ethics, and social entrepreneurship that complement the campus’ commitment to being a publicly purposed university. LEADS is committed to developing student leaders who are ethical, attuned to developing social entrepreneurship skills and creating solutions for environmental and social sustainability.

Under the direction of Reneé Collins, Ed.D., Associate Dean of Students, the LEADS program is part of a larger unit with the Ethnic Student Center and Student Outreach Services.  Using integrative thinking in a blended model, SOS/LEADS/ESC work together to address the challenges faced by students who may be first generation, immigrant, from economically challenged families or diverse by race/ethnicity or other identifying characteristics, while recognizing the assets and strengths of these students and student populations on campus