Volunteer Instructions

There are two ways to participate: 1) make observations of pink snow via our app anywhere, any time, you see pink snow;  2) collect samples of pink snow that are returned to WWU, where we sequence the DNA and characterize each sample’s microbiome.
Become a Volunteer: 2020 Volunteer Sign Up 
The Process
  1. Sign up on the Google Form above
  2. You will get an email from us Spring 2020 with information for volunteer samplers
  3. We will send you a kit or you can pick one up at our pick-up spots (Bellingham: Backcountry Essentials and the Bellingham Mountaineer’s;  Seattle: Seattle Mountaineers’ Clubhouse and Patagonia Seattle – downtown location; Portland: TBD)
  4. Collect pink or red snow on your trip.  Record your sample collection with our App that records GPS coordinates, your name, and the name of your location on the sample tube.
  5. Return sample to us at Robin Kodner, Living Snow Project, Biology Department, Western Washington University, 516 High St., Bellingham, WA 98225.  If you need return postage, send us an email at livingsnow@wwu.edu.

We can only visit a limited number of sites in a season, and community scientists can dramatically increase our sampling resolution.  Our study is focused on the Cascades but we would also like samples from Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Californa, the Canadian Rockies and/or Coast Range or anywhere you may be headed.  You can also contact us at livingsnow@wwu.edu or Dr. Kodner directly at robin.kodner@wwu.edu.