Protect Net Neutrality



Sometimes important things happen when your away from home but you still feel like you need to do something about it.

I remember one of my German teachers, an East German, once say she was away on a business trip in the Nordics when the Berlin wall fell, and how it was one of the greatest regrets of her life that she couldn’t be in her country to celebrate it with her countrymen.

I feel this is something similar, only it’s not a good change. It’s a very bad one. And it would be nice to be home to call someone about it. Unfortunately though, I am not home to call someone about it. I cannot call anyone about it. So please, look into this and write to congress and call them before it’s too late, not only for me, but for everyone who uses the internet. Because if it gets passed in the United States, other companies in other countries will try to pass similar laws too, and nobody wants to be trapped in one place by paywalls.

Save the internet:

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