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Project ZeNETH is a student-led effort at Western Washington University’s
Institute for Energy Studies.

Through implementing sustainable building and energy design, our mission is to provide students with an actionable education while addressing local issues of housing, and global issues of climate change.


The goals of Project ZeNETH are to:
Research the impact of tiny houses on chronic and spontaneous housing availability
Design a Zero Net Energy Tiny House (ZeNETH) that considers the life-cycle and safety of building materials
Construct a replicable tiny house that represents the  regional values of the Pacific Northwest
Educate our community by putting coursework into practice
– Repeat.


As the first net-zero energy tiny house ever constructed at Western, our team aims to create a legacy that encourages innovative solutions from inspired students. We’ve got the resources, now let’s make it happen.


Please join us in our mission of building a project that reflects the needs of our students, university, and home.