Western’s Professional Staff Organization (PSO) is one of four constituency groups established in 1978 that participates in the university’s governance structure.  Our membership is comprised of highly trained individuals who formulate and direct the university’s day-to-day operations in positions specifically exempted from the provisions of the Civil Service Law (41.06.070 RCW).  As such, we are not represented by a union, but instead rely on the PSO Executive Committee, comprised of colleagues elected from our membership, to represent our interests in the governance structure of the university.

In our unique leadership roles, we create and facilitate effective programs supporting Western’s student learning experience, and share the responsibility of educating and supporting students by providing essential services and expertise.  We:

  • Contribute to student success through advising, counseling, and teaching;
  • Provide technological innovation and support that keeps Western more efficient in meeting the needs of the university, the state, and the nation;
  • Conduct academic and institutional research, providing data that support the university and state decision-making;
  • Provide mid-level management, confidential administrative and organizational support to Western; and,
  • Foster and maintain strong relationships with outside constituents (alumni, parents, and friends).

The PSO operates under a Constitution and Bylaws, however practices relevant to your employment at Western, as well as the standards, terms, and conditions of employment are contained in the Professional Staff Employee Handbook.  You are encouraged to familiarize yourself with the contents of the Handbook.  It has been prepared by us, in collaboration with administration, to serve as an up-to-date guide for you in your employment at Western.  It will inform you of the practices relevant to you in your employment at Western, as well as provide the standards, terms, and conditions of employment in a clear and comprehensive manner.

The PSO Executive Committee PSO@wwu.edu