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Burma Blues

While the current political situation (the repression and slaughter of the Rohingya) in Myanmar preoccupied us during preparations for landing in Myanmar, our time there was spent mostly in Bagan, a city in which the historical dominates the contemporary. The… Continue Reading →

Chasing the New Year in Vietnam

The Japanese New Year had already been rung in by the time we ported in Kobe, but we hit the height of the New Year’s holiday in China and came in on the tail end of Tet in Vietnam. Saigon… Continue Reading →

Mao and Mao: Japan and China

Maos, of one sort or another, bookended my time in Japan and China. (Sorry; this post is a bit long, as It covers two ports.) In Japan, I was the “faculty liaison” for a trip of faculty, staff, and students… Continue Reading →

Shipboard teaching

I post this with thoughts of my mother, Barbara; today would have been her 87th birthday. She would have so loved this journey, as a traveler and an educator. As we sway and roll across the Pacific (fortunately no 20-foot… Continue Reading →

Happy New Year and welcome to the start of our adventure!

Bylgja, daughter of Ӕgir and Rán, the Nordic God of the Sea and Goddess of Drowned Souls, respectively. Ӕgir and Rán had nine daughters, each named for a different aspect of the ocean’s waves. Bylgja is the billowing wave, a… Continue Reading →

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