Holly Hill, Senior Director, Puget Sound West |


Lauren Kemper, Volunteer Coordinator |

Lauren Kemper became the Volunteer and Program Coordinator in August, 2014 after completing an environmental science degree at the UW in Tacoma where she gained experience in environmental education and water quality studies. As the Volunteer Coordinator she manages volunteers, provides training, and ensures volunteer benefits. As Program Coordinator, Lauren organizes, schedules, and runs several youth programs for individual students and groups or classes as well as birthday parties and other SEA Discovery Center events.

Denise Kilkenny-Tittle, Director of Education and Outreach  |

Denise Kilkenny-Tittle joined the SEA Discovery Center in March 2018. She has a passion for the environment and teaching people of all ages. Formerly, she was an elementary and substitute teacher, Puget Sound FieldSTEM Coordinator, Wisconsin Groundwater Guardian Coordinator; a Park Ranger for the Bureau of Land Management in Idaho, Colorado, and Oregon; and a Project Learning Tree Facilitator in eastern Idaho. Besides being an active mom, she enjoys volunteering, recreating in the outdoors, gardening, making crafts, and playing sports. She received her Masters of Science in Natural Resources: Environmental Education and Bachelor of Science in Elementary/Middle School Education from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, and two Bachelor of Sciences in Forest Recreation Resource Management and Sociology from Oregon State University-Corvallis. As the Associate Director of Education and Outreach, she manages pre-K-12 education programs, develops and modifies curriculum, and provides professional development opportunities for teachers.

Sam Larson, Aquarium Assistant |

Sam Larson started as a volunteer at SEA Discovery Center in 2016. He was a dedicated volunteer who spent as much time as he could at SEA. That dedication lead to an offer of employment at SEA Discovery Center where he was hired as an aquarium assistant. He cares for the animals, staffs the aquarium floor and does anything else that needs to be done. He’s known for a boundless love of all animals and a keen scientific interest.


Bryan McNeil, Aquarium Manager |

Bryan joined SEA Discovery Center as aquarium manager in April 2019. The aquarium manager is responsible for the health and well-being of the animals at SEA Discovery Center, maintaining the life support systems, water quality and training/managing associated staff and volunteers. Bryan has worked in the marine laboratory and public aquarium field for over fifteen years, including the Seattle Aquarium, Aquarium at Moody Gardens and the PPG Aquarium. Bryan has worked with many species of marine life that span the Pacific Northwest, tropical Pacific, South East Australia and the Atlantic Coast. He loves to share his enthusiasm for the ocean by creating diverse and enriching exhibits for students and the public, hoping to inspire life-long empathy of our marine environment.


Colin Nelson, Facilities Manager |

Colin Nelson is the facilities manager at SEA Discovery Center. He brings over a decade of building and facilities experience to the Center. Prior to working at the center, Colin owned a small construction business renovating homes and buildings in the Portland, Oregon area. He also worked for a number of years in facilities maintenance at a Portland State University. When not working you’ll find Colin enjoying time with his family especially the music and sports activities of his three children. When he finds a little time for himself, he’ll be woodworking in the garage!


Bettye Shifrin, Office Assistant |

Bettye Shifrin was part of the team that worked to reopen the Center in 2007. She came to the Pacific Northwest in 1980 and began her administrative career with the Central Kitsap School District, moving on to the position of executive assistant and security administrator for Honeywell Marine Systems Division at Keyport.  She then worked for the Naval Undersea Museum Foundation for 25 years, managing the finances, grants, scheduling, and more.  Bettye is semi-retired and enjoys her position with WWU, handling the office administration, volunteer procedures, and assisting the rest of the staff to further the goals of science education.

Marine Educators:
  • Bruce Claiborne
  • Evona Cole
  • Lesley Cashon
  • Mindy Fohn
  • Hanna Jones
  • Julie Leung
  • Katie Moore
    Robin Muir
  • Eurydice Pentz
  • Audrey Slane
  • Carolyn Standridge
  • Maria Steinbeisser
  • Mary Zabinski
Staff Alum:
  • Barbara Wyatt
  • Joyce Nishimura
  • Niki Robbers