Girls in Engineering, Math & Science (GEMS)

GEMS logo - Girls in Engineering, Math & Science (GEMS)

Western’s GEMS Program intends to provide opportunities for girls to learn and excel in the fields of Engineering, Math and Science and support STEM innovation at the SEA Discovery Center.

The Western Front published a report on the GEMS program. Check it out their article on The Western Front website.

The representation of women in STEM careers has increased over the last 40 years, yet men still overwhelmingly outnumber women in scientific and engineering fields. Expanding the STEM workforce is crucial to increasing economic creativity and competitiveness, according to the U.S. Department of Education.

The goal of the GEMS program is to provide a safe and empowering space for girls to explore STEM fields and meet other girls that share those interests. We will not turn away any identity, but would like to respect the focus of this program.

As we continue to look for other areas to grow our academic programs, we always appreciate feedback about demographics and interests that we can better serve. Please let us know if there are other topics or demographics that you would like to see represented! Send any questions or comments to