Western Lecture Series

The Western Lecture Series presents its seasonal series, Summer Lectures at SEA, which this year offers experts’ insight into environmental topics, concerns and research affecting the Puget Sound region. Throughout the year, engaging speakers and scholars deliver talks on a variety of academic subjects and world affairs. Presentations are designed to expand your knowledge, provoke thought, enhance understanding and inspire creativity. Every lecture introduces a distinct and interesting topic. Notably, the Western Lecture Series is free and open to the public. Registration is not required.

Summer Lectures at SEA

Join us on Wednesday evenings this summer for Summer Lectures at SEA. Each week, experts will speak about issues and research investigations relevant to the marine environment in the Puget Sound and greater Salish Sea. With topics ranging from the history of water quality in Liberty Bay, marine mammal acoustics, and the expansion of invasive species, the lectures expand your knowledge and enhance your understanding of the region’s unique ecosystem.

Cost: Free and open to the public. Registration is not required.
Dates and Times: Wednesdays, July 11 – Aug. 29, starting at 6 p.m.
Please Note: Clock hours available for teachers attending three or more lectures.
Instructions on how to log hours are here.