Odyssey of Science & Arts

Rebecca Beradsall 12Explore science and art through hands-on learning at the SEA Discovery Center. Taught by highly regarded local educators, all courses are designed to engage students through interactive activities that foster success in a fun, inquiry-based learning environment. Participants will create new friendships with local students as they explore both in the classroom and on field trips.

Classes offered:

Morning Session: Beach Comber Basics
Unlock your child’s curiosity as they explore local beaches and study the marine organisms that preside there.
Grade level: 7-9 grade.

Afternoon Session: There’s Something Fishy Going On There
Students will wear several hats on this afternoon adventure: scientist, artist, storyteller and theater manager as they draw, paint, construct, script, and act out a play using their own artwork, scientific studies and constructions.
Grade level: 4-6 grade.