Complaint Procedures

If you are a survivor of sexual misconduct perpetrated by someone affiliated with Western (for example a student, employee or volunteer) you may file a discrimination complaint against the perpetrator with Western’s Equal Opportunity Office/Title IX Coordinator. ¬†Discrimination investigations are conducted under Western’s Discrimination Complaint Procedure. The preponderance of evidence standard is used (asking whether it is more likely than not that the allegations occurred). The discipline imposed on a perpetrator following a finding of sexual misconduct is determined by the Student Conduct Officer/Office of Student Life in the case of a student perpetrator, or by the relevant university Vice President if the perpetrator is a faculty or staff member.

Investigations by the Title IX Coordinator are independent of any prosecution initiated in the state criminal justice system.

Further information about complaint procedures may be obtained from the Title IX Coordinator, Equal Opportunity Office, Old Main 345, (360) 650-3307.