VU renovation update

There will be a crane eventually

By Hailey Murphy

Starting this month, the Viking Union will undergo construction to create the new Multicultural Center.

In addition to connecting the Associated Students Bookstore to the rest of the VU, this renovation will create additional space for Ethnic Student Center, the Queer Resource Center, the Womxn’s Identity Resource Center and the Disability Outreach Center.

A statement on Western’s website reads, “The expansion will combine the Multicultural Center, Viking Union, Bookstore, Multipurpose Room and KUGS within one building and will become a beacon that celebrates diversity and inclusivity on campus.”

According to Project Manager Forest Payne, the official start of construction is on February 19, with demolition beginning in the bookstore. The project is scheduled to be completed in June 2019.

There will be a few changes on campus during the renovations. The Bookstore will occupy the MPR for the entirety of construction, according to Western’s website. Additionally, Vendor’s Row will move under the canopy of the MPR.

The Bookstore has already begun it’s transition into the MPR, with shelves being removed from the walls, textbooks being consolidated and desks being transported next door.

According to Peg Godwin, general manager of the AS Bookstore, the majority of the moving will occur between February 5 and February 9. During that time, operations may be straddled between the Bookstore and the MPR, depending on how the moving progresses. However, the Bookstore will be up and running in the MPR by February 12 or 13.

If you have questions or concerns Payne can be reached at

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