Could You Do What This Huxley Prof Did and Keep Your Job? We Asked 8 Students.

By Gwen Frost

CW: Sexual Harassment

After the university found he sexually harassed two students, Huxley Associate Professor Paul Stangl was barred from teaching courses this summer, as well as teaching any field courses until summer 2020. The student who reported Stangl said he poured her wine although he knew she was only 20 years old, and told her and another student that he wanted to “lick their thighs,” among other inappropriate behavior.

Despite this, he sits on the Faculty Senate committee for Huxley, and is teaching classes this Spring. We decided to ask students what would happen if they did the same.

If you served alcohol to a minor and then told them you wanted to “lick their thighs,” like the students said Stangl did, would you still have your job?

Will Roth, Sophomore

Job: Greencoat

Answer: “I would be fired. Because it’s a police position I would probably be arrested. I would probably be suspended from working with them ever again.”

Andrew Kennedy, Junior

Job: Bob’s Burgers

Answer: “Would I still have my job? No. I’d get fired, and probably beat up.”

AR: “What do you think happened to Stangl?”

AK: “Probably nothing, I’m guessing.”

Schuyler Shelloner, Junior

Job: Rudy’s Pizzeria, The Up & Up

Answer: “Since I’m a bartender if I served liquor to a minor I would be fired. I would also possibly face charges, even if I didn’t intend to.”

AR: And for the sexual harassment?

SS: “In a bar context- when we say minor is it under 18 or under 21?”

AR: Under 21.

SS:”I’m sure that wouldn’t help, but I don’t know if I’d go to jail or get fired for that. But, even if it’s not explicit, it’s still fucked up. Keep your sexual exploits with people on the same power level.”

Leslie Cogley, Junior

Job: Student Staff at Teaching and Learning Academy in the Western Library

Answer: “Um, I would be fired immediately. That’s pretty awful, good lord.”

AR: Do you think Stangl still has his job?

LC: “I would hope not.”

Thomas Zapata, Junior

Job: AS Productions, and the Underground Coffee House

Answer: “No, I would be fired, probably immediately.”

Ashley Bennett, Junior

Job: Papa Johns

Answer: “I would be fired, for sure fired.”

Jackie Cain, Junior

Job: Nanny

Answer: “I mean if the people I nanny for found out they would obviously like, fire me.”

Emma Needham, Senior

Job: Certified Nursing Assistant at Highland Health and Rehabilitation

Answer: “I’d get fired. Any kind of claim that involves mistreatment of the people that you’re taking care of immediately gets the state involved, your license revoked, and police involved.”

Updated 3/7/18 to accurately reflect Stangl’s gross remarks.

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