Analytics: Customize & Automate Reports

If there is certain data you want to see easily every time you log into Google Analytics but find it tedious to have to click several places in the navigation bar to access it all, create a custom dashboard. You can then set up automatic emails weekly, monthly, or quarterly as a pdf with this information.

How to Create Custom Dashboards

For this example we will create a new custom dashboard with

  • a graph of sessions,
  • a table of sessions and bounce rate by device type,
  • and a table listing the top 10 visited pages.


  1. From the audience overview page in Google Analytics click Add to Dashboard. Google Analytics Customize Step 1
  2. In the pop up window, select New Dashboard from the drop down menu. Name it whatever you would like. Check the timeline box and click Add to Dashboard. Google Analytics Customize Step 2
  3. Now go to Mobile Overview, under Audience in the side navigation bar. Repeat the process of adding it to your dashboard but this time do not create a new dashboard, select the dashboard you just made. Also, instead of checking the box next to timeline, check the box next to table.
  4. Notice in your dashboard how your new widget reports the number of sessions and % new sessions. However, we want the number of sessions and the bounce rate. To change this hover your mouse over the widget and click the pencil in the top right corner.
    Google Analytics Customize Step 4
    Change % New Sessions, which will  be in a blue drop down menu, to Bounce Rate and click save.
  5. Repeat the process once more with the top 10 visited pages. These can be found under Behavior, Site Content, and All Pages in the navigation bar on the left. When adding this widget to your dashboard, be sure to check the box next to table. Once it is in your dashboard, you can edit the metrics the same way we changed % New Sessions to Bounce Rate.
  6. You can click and drag the title of each widget to rearrange them, or click on the title to take you to a page with more data.


How to Set Up Automatized Emails for Custom Dashboards

  1. If you have set up a custom dashboard, you can acess it from the top of the navigation bar on the left.Google Analytics Customize Step 1.2
  2. At the top of your dashboard, click a button that reads email and fill out the form. Google Analytics Customize Step 2.2
    Note, that under advanced options you can change how long the automated emails will be active for.
  3. Watch you inbox for a PDF containing the widgets on your dashboard.Creative Commons License Blue Fountain Media via Compfight

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