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At Western we have personal sites, group sites, official department and administrative office sites, intranets, and sites for courses / academic use. First select the Type of Site you are planning to create, then review the Website Technologies that are available for your type of site.

What Types of Sites are Available?

For Personal Sites, use:

  • WordPress

For AS and Student Groups, use:

  • WordPress

For Classes / Courses

Use Canvas for all instructional material. For student portfolios, blogs and wikis, use:

  • WordPress

For Department, Center, or Group Site, use:

  • Drupal
  • WordPress
  • CampusWeb
  • SharePoint
  • Custom Technology

Website Technologies Available at Western

Click any item below to learn more about that technology option.


Drupal is a free and open-source tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL database technologies. It is more complex and appropriate for larger sites, and is highly customizable. WebTech is gradually rolling out Drupal to larger groups on campus. All of the colleges are now hosted on Drupal, and the academic departments under these colleges are being added as the college is ready for them. Contact your college admin for more information.

Contact WebTech for more information.

WordPress (self-serve)

In addition to outward-facing websites, WordPress can also be used for classes wishing to provide private blogs or portfolio environments for their students. WordPress is a free and open-source tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL database technologies. With WordPress you can create private or publicly viewable sites with blogs, forums, surveys, and commenting. Many templates are available for different looks and purposes such as a portfolio or blog site. If your site is representing an official WWU department you must use the Western WordPress Theme such as this WebTech site uses. Western’s WordPress is hosted by CampusPress, an Edublogs company.

Create your own site at our WordPress Self-Service page.


CampusWeb is available to groups and departments using or wanting to use Dreamweaver.

CampusWeb is available for those groups who have existing expertise with Dreamweaver. It is an on-campus resource for websites built with HTML, CSS, and JS. We provide Western Dreamweaver Templates for those hosted on this service. Adobe Dreamweaver is a software product that enables users to maintain complex HTML / CSS sites without knowing or directly editing the code if desired. Each editor will need to purchase a copy of Dreamweaver. If this is an official Western group you will need to use one of the Western Dreamweaver Templates.

SharePoint (intranet only)

SharePoint is recommended for internally-facing campus sites.

SharePoint sites are available for sites intended for intranet purposes only. These sites are ideal for committees or other entities desiring to share internal documents and easily access Microsoft tools. Minutes, collaborative document editing and other tools are ideal for this intranet solution. Please contact ATUS for more information.

Custom Technology (for developers)

If you have a specific need for a custom software or web application, or are thinking of developing a custom application, please contact us first to make sure we have the correct technology for your purpose or in case we have an alternate solution. We have VMs available for reasonable prices for some architectures. To find out more, fill out our form to Request Custom Site.

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