Our Fees

Site-setup and Training

These fees* are applied to University related self-support projects and Public Projects. Projects supported directly by the university are charged only for materials.

University-Related (self-support)

$45/hour + materials


$65/hour + materials

Maintenance Contracts

WebTech does not generally do continuing routine maintenance of content on your site, as we feel this is something your group understands best. However there are periods of time where you can find yourself short-handed. In emergencies, if the site has been built on our infrastructure/templates, we are glad to do limited important updates for you.

If you do not have a person in your group who can maintain the content on your web site on an on-going basis, we can supply a student to take care of this for you. Our students are carefully trained and supervised to meet current web standards, plus they work in our office so you don’t have to supply a workstation or deal with timesheets. Rates start at $600 a year and are based on the level of effort and frequency of updates required. Contact the Director to discuss this.


*from http://www.wwu.edu/upb/opbudreqcal/anferate/1011frate.pdf page 92

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