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Our services can broadly be encapsulated in the following categories.  Click on an area of interest to find out more…


WebTech provides consulting expertise to Staff and Faculty for a range of activities including:

  • Site setup and training.
  • Site maintenance.
  • Site support issues.
  • See our fees page for specifics
Project Management

We offer coaching on the following aspects of project management:

  • Issue and project tracking using the JIRA suite.
  • Dissemination of project artifacts, documentation and team collaboration via Atlassian's Confluence product.
  • Software versioning and source code control using git via the Atlassian Bitbucket product.
Site Management

We offer site management advice centering around the following aspects of your site:

  • Site layout:  We can show you the available options and how to organize your content.
  • Widgets:  We can show you the latest greatest slick widgets to add to your sight, everything from sliders and drop downs to twitter feeds.
  • Look and Feel:  We can show you how to manage your site's fonts, images and other aesthetics.
  • Branding:  We can help you add the WWU branding artifacts to your site.

We can show you the tools we suggest to use to manage your site's content as well as best practices relating to your content.


We do web work for the Western community, either directly on your sites or indirectly on campus-wide services as part of central IT and marketing.

New Web Sites and Upgrades

We create the infrastructure for sites and help you transform your ideas into a website. We also train you to update your content. We do not generally update that content, although we can hire and supervise students to do this for you if you have funds for this kind of work. And of course we’re always willing to help you with updates in an emergency.

We currently provide two kinds of web sites, depending on what department you are in.


WordPress is available as a Self-Serve item for departments. We provide a Western Theme for Departments using WordPress. As new capabilities are added to WordPress we will update the theme to keep up. Let us know if you are starting a Department WordPress site, but we don’t think you’ll need training or much support!

Drupal Sites

We are currently creating modern, Responsive websites built on the Drupal CMS for the Colleges and academic departments. These colleges have already created their live or soon-to-be-live sites:

and the others are to finish soon.

For ambitious groups that have a dedicated web developer we can also share our drupal builds and assist you in creating your custom site on our servers. This is by arrangement only and subject to our availability to support your custom project.

Dreamweaver Sites

Employees, Offices, and Groups that are not directly part of a college website are currently being hosted on the CampusWeb servers with Dreamweaver sites on the Western Template.

We generally start with a meeting to discuss your needs and our offerings. Once we have agreed on the work we establish a schedule and begin work. Once the site is ready to view on the test site we let you know and let you run through the site for completeness and accuracy. When you’re ready we launch the site and train your staff to maintain the production site.

Very large sites may require that we work with your staff to do the site creation or conversion. In this case we generally set up the site structure, train your staff, and decide on a reasonable division of work to get the new information into the site. Then we allow for testing and launch on your schedule.

How We Can Help With New Sites and Upgrades

Initial Site Creation and Upgrade

If your Department or Group needs a Western-branded website (Drupal or Dreamweaver), we can create the basic site and train your team to maintain it. If you already have a website, but it needs upgrading to the newest Western look, we can assist here too. And if you’re an Employee and need a personal website, we can get you started. Email us with your needs.

Personalized Training

We train on all the products that we recommend, and the training is oriented towards your particular site or issue.


Our capable students provide Dreamweaver training specifically oriented towards editing sites based on the Western Template. We’ll come to your office, make sure you’ve got Dreamweaver set up properly, and show you how to quickly and easily edit your site. We also help you understand Web Standards that will make your site attractive, easy to navigate, and supportive of your users’ needs. Request a Training.


Want to understand how users use your site but not sure where to start? Our Analytics Intern will help you set up Google Analytics and interpret the results. We can also help set up email campaigns and other marketing reports. Request Analytics Help.


If your site is currently being converted to Drupal, we will be providing training for your Site Owner and other team members. We also have various resources online at left in the Drupal area of our site.

Site Maintenance: Paid Service

If you do not have a person in your group who can maintain the content on your web site, or you are a self-support group, we may have to charge for our support services. Please see Our Services and Fees for more information.

What Else We Do: Products Development

Western Products Development

Much of our time not directly helping others with their websites is spent creating and improving Western’s core products. This includes Western’s Home page, College Drupal sites, the Western Templates, the new Western Forms app and other projects. We also assist other groups in creating Western branded designs such as we did for myWestern, universal log-in, and the Mobile App.

Academic Development

If you have a research project that needs some web technology then our .NET programmer and students may be able to help. Contact us when you’re ready to discuss the details of your ideas. Some of our projects in this area include the Western Training Application,Scholar’s Week administrative system, many web forms, and programming support for ATUS Learning Management and Sharepoint projects.

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