Hey everyone of the internet! It has been a little over a week since I have been in Tallinn, Estonia. The week has been packed with adventures, meeting new people, and trying many different (and new) ways to live. I will include pictures in this post of some of my adventures so far but visit the pictures and videos page if you want to see them all.

In the past week, I got the really cool experience of meeting people from surrounding countries. These include people from Turkey, Germany, France, Spain, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Netherlands, Switzerland, Finland, Italy, India, and people as far as Mexico and Guatemala. By meeting these different people from these nations I have been able to learn about their political systems, the influence of the US in the world, pop culture, customs, beliefs, fashion (the USA is behind in the fashion industry), and much more. Yes, there has been some heated conversations and debate but overall, by keeping a level head and an open mind, I hope to learn about their reason to keep on growing and learning.

Since I am an “exchange” student here at Tallinn University of Technology, I am a part of a group called Erasmus which is an organization that assist international students get together, help us learn about the host culture, and enjoy our stay in the host nation by holding events. There is about 5 universities in Tallinn that are Erasmus schools each holding about 100-300 international students at their perspective schools. With Erasmus I have gotten to explore the city, play scavenger hunt games, and meet so many great people.

Here are some pictures I took of my adventures so far!



Pictures of the view of Tallinn, people I have met so far, the school I will be attending, and random adventures.

That is all for this week! Keep checking or subscribe to get updates.