April 2017

England: End of Program: “Just Hold On, We’re Going Home,” by Mikayla Lawrence   JUST HOLD ON, WE’RE GOING HOME One week left. I knew it would fly by, but why didn’t anyone tell me just how quickly? I’m just now getting really acquainted with my life in London, and now I… Continue Reading →

South Korea: Mid Program: “My Neighborhood and a Day in My Life” by Allison Ogle  My Neighborhood and a Day in My Life 4/11/2017 In Korea, there is a large population and very little space. This means that there are many apartment complexes with many floors. I live in a small apartment complex and… Continue Reading →

South Korea: Post Program: “A Year Later” by Taiya Brown

A Year Later   I often look at my Facebook feed and can’t believe that it’s been over a year since I first arrived in Seoul. It feels like only yesterday that I took hundreds of pictures with my new… Continue Reading →

Israel: Mid-Program: “A Day in the Life” by Maytal Abramson   “A day in the life” April 7, 2017  Warning: this is a day in the life/mid-program reflection post so it is quite lengthy! A day in the life of my Israel routine. The day usually begins with waking… Continue Reading →

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