Netherlands: Pre-Departure: What are your goals for your international experience?

Greetings. It is I, Ellis Theodore of the house of Thomson. These letters, words, and sentences are the beginnings of a blog I am sharing for my six months of studying in the Hauge, Netherlands. On the complete real, I waited way too flipping long to to write this first entry.  I am now forced to ask all my friends, family, and meme administrators to forgive any misspellings or cliche musings (Maybe I waited until the last minute for that very excuse because I feel incredibly self-conscious about writing this and want to fall back on the deadline as an excuse for lack of quality. Les put a pin in that).

You might be wondering why I have decided to study abroad in the first place. Right? Like maybe idk.

That question has been difficult for me. The answer doesn’t fit into my idea of what social convention deems “financially responsible”, and for that I will always feel the creeping tendrils of doubt. But that “doubt” is slowly being displaced by a growing desire to challenge myself in different and subversive ways. I chose to empty my bank account and set out to Europe because I cannot see myself sitting in my deathpod 2000, surrounded by personal robot nurses and automated head scratchers, (you would think the robot nurses could perform this function) and wishing I had been fiscally responsible at 21 years old.

I REALLY like the idea of living life like a really good story. Spontaneous choices, the potential for danger, challenges met, and emerging victorious with new skills and talents uncovered. These aren’t abstract concepts. They are experiences that have real world value, tested and observed to have REAL WORLD utility.

I’m not reckless, at least I don;t think I am. Reckless people don’t plan things out, and not to sound like mister planny pants but yeah, I know what I’m doing. That being said, maintaining a balance between spontaneity and responsibility is not something I’m used to. I am anticipating plenty of mistakes.  Seems kinda hard to know what weight to distribute where without losing (or coming close to) your footing.

The theme of this blog shall be one of pushing the boundaries of the comfort zone and overcoming these challenges. Each entry will consist of a particular situation in which I rise to an uncomfortable occasion. Maybe I’ll slay a dragon, or destroy one of Sauron’s thirteen Horcruxes.

Whatever the challenge, I’m excited for what this call to adventure shall bring! (In case you haven’t noticed I have been watching a lot of Game of Thrones and it is transffering to my writing). But no matter! On my return we shall drink honey mead from ram’s horns and be merry! Huzzah!