October 2017

France: Mid Program: “La Vie Comme Une Lyonnaise” by Brenna Roach

La Vie Comme Une Lyonnaise “Life as a person from Lyon” I have officially been living in Lyon for 55 days, and I can’t help but wonder where all the time has gone? It seems like just yesterday I was… Continue Reading →

France: Pre-Departure: “The Pre-Trip Jitters Strike” by Brenna Roach

The Pre-Trip Jitters Strike Hey guys! I figured I would start this blog out now with one of my certificate posts, and a sort of introduction more than what you can find in the about. My name is Brenna, and… Continue Reading →

France: Arrival: “Settling In” by Brenna Roach

Settling In Today marks my third day officially living in Lyon, and my fourth day since leaving the United States; and let me tell you, it has been a rocky first few days. I’ve gotten lost, had to walk through… Continue Reading →

Spain: Pre-Departure: “The Adventure Begins…” by Alexis Mathews

The Adventure Begins… It’s a little over a week until I will depart on the biggest adventure of my life thus far. I will be boarding a plane to travel half way across the world, to a place that I… Continue Reading →

Spain: Arrival: “La Llegada a Madrid” by Alexis Mathews

La Llegada a Madrid I have been in Madrid for a little over three weeks by now. I still haven’t quite adjusted to the heat yet and the fast pace of life but I am finding a sense of rhythm… Continue Reading →

Spain: Arrival: “When in Spain, just chill out” by Liza Alter

When in Spain, just chill out It’s been 17 days since I arrived in a bus to Granada, my body full of sleep and my mind full of the chatter of strangers. The world looked blue out of the tinted… Continue Reading →

France: Post Program Reflection: “The Continuation of Something Great” by Sebastian Zgirski

The Continuation of Something Great I remember clearly, the feeling of waking up at 4am getting ready and calling a cab to pick me up from the Kraków hostel I was staying at, of how drowsy and half asleep, yet serious I… Continue Reading →

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