Global Learning faculty-led programs are courses designed by WWU faculty for WWU students and WWU credit offered throughout the year all over the world. Study a specific subject, a language, culture, and/or participate in field studies or service learning as part of your Western experience with Global Learning faculty-led programs! Below is an overview of our upcoming programs.

Please see the Education Abroad webpage to view information about all programs and to begin the application process.

Winter 2018


Kenya Social Justice & Society, INTL 437H (15 credits)


Liz Mogford AH 524, 360-650-3002,

Steve Bennetto


Indigenous Knowledge & Sustainability in Thailand, FAIR 437A (15 credits)


Shirley Osterhaus FAIR 348, 360-650-3680,

Spring 2018

There are no programs offered during spring 2018.

Summer 2018

Bali and East Timor

Culture & Water, ANTH 437 (14 credits)

Paul James, Arntzen Hall 309, (360) 650-2199,


French Language in Montréal, Québec, FREN 337A (4 credits) and FREN 337B (4 credits)

Dr. Christina Keppie, Miller Hall 215D, 360-650-3930,

Redfish School of Change: Salish Sea Field School, ENVS 498C (3 credits), ENVS 491 (5 credits), ENVS 498D (3 credits); 11 credits total

Nick Stanger, Arntzen Hall 201, 360-650-2203,


Business in China, MGMT 337 (4 credits)

Sophie Kong, Parks Hall 425, 360-650-4237,

Costa Rica

Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Social Sector Edition, ENTR 397x (4 credits)

2015 Photo Contest Winner: Viking Pride Abroad

Dr. Art Sherwood, Parks Hall 41, 360-650-4146,



Alpine Ecology and Climate Change in Chamonix, BIOL 326 (3 credits), BIOL 423 (3 credits), and/or independent study (3 credits). Students select two options for a total of 6 credits.

Robin Kodner, Biology 412,  360 650-7467,


Mediterranean Studies in Sustainable Development, ENVS 437P (8 credits)

Nicholas Zaferatos, Ph.D., AICP, Professor, Environmental Studies 444, 360-650-7660,


Building Cross-Cultural Connections, CSD 437 (10 credits)

Michael Fraas, AIC 374, 360-650-7536,


Issues in Global Leadership: Women Leaders and Democracy, LDST 337 (6 credits)

Holly Diaz, EH 113C, 360-650-6589,


Himalaya Culture and Ecology, FAIR 437B (10 credits)

Peter Impara, FA 348, 360-650-6680,

Indonesia and East Timor

Culture & Water,

Paul James, AH 309, 360-650-2199,


Ecogastronomy and Food Cultures of Italy, ENVS 437K (8 credits)

Gigi Berardi, Ph.D., AH 204, 360-650-2106,

From Text to Fresco: The Great Age of Narrative Art in Italy, ENG 337 (6 credits)

Nicholas Margaritis, Ph.D., HU 281, 360-650-2537,

Southern Italy: The City and Everyday Life, ENVS 437D (8 credits)

Nabil Kamel, Ph.D., AH 203, 360-650-2440,


Tokyo KCP, EAST 430 (4 credits), INTL 205/305 (6 credits); 10 credits total

Massimiliano Tomasi, MH 222C, 360-650-3339,


Study Abroad in Guanajuato. World Heritage City., SPAN 301 (4 credits), SPAN 302 (4 credits), SPAN 332 (4 credits); 12 credits total

Blanca Aranda, MH 128, 360-650-2528,


TESOL in Queretaro, TESL 437C (2 credits), TESL 437D (2 credits), TESL 437G (2 credits), 6 credits total

Dr. Cheiron McMahill, MH 304D, 360-650-2551,

Tropical Marine Biological Research, BIOL 437A (6 credits) and BIOL 437B (6 credits), plus spring quarter BIOL 397A (1 credit)

Alejandro Acevedo-Gutiérrez, BI 309, 360-650-3653,

Deborah Donovan, BI 310, 360-650-7251,

Benjamin Miner, BI 410, 360-650-3640,


Mountain Science in the Peruvian Andes, ESCI 498D (10 credits)

John All, ES 321, 360-650-7630,


Community Building in Rwanda, INTL 437i (12 credits)

Paul Mart, CH 236, 360-650-2808,

Tim Costello, WL 494, 360-650-2503, Timothy.Costello@wwu.edu 

South Africa

Nongovernmental Organizations in Development, PLSC 437g or HSP 437g (12 credits)

Vernon Damani Johnson, Ph.D., AH 439, 360-650-4874,

Dr. John Korsmo, MH 317D, 360-650-2364,

United Kingdom

Creativity and Social Change: An Applied Theatre Workshop, THTR 428 (5 credits)

Deb Currier, PA 387, 360-650-2387,


Fall 2018


Global Literatures: Defining Ireland, ENG 282 (5 credits)


Julie Dugger HU 341, 360-650-4989,

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