The Western Way Employee Recognition Program recognizes staff and faculty who go above and beyond in their work. The program goal is to foster community by recognizing employees who exemplify “Active Minds Changing Lives” in their daily professional activities.

All individuals recognized for this honor will be listed on the Western Way Wall of Acknowledgment web page, in Western Today and with a slideshow at the start of the Employee Recognition Ceremony in April.


Honorees will be recognized by fellow employees, students, or other stakeholders by living out one or two of the following five characteristics. Click on each characteristic to see how someone can embody that trait!

A person who is inviting demonstrates hospitable characteristics through:
      • A helpful spirit
      • A positive attitude
      • A welcoming demeanor
      • Courteous and respectful interaction
A person who is engaging reaches out with a caring and committed heart by being:
      • A good listener
      • An effective communicator
      • Responsive, competent, and prompt
      • Open minded, kind hearted, and of generous spirit
A person who is distinctive approaches their role with integrity that demonstrates:
      • Taking initiative
      • Credibility and reliability
      • Willingness to "go the extra mile"
      • An "above and beyond" commitment

A person who is collaborative nurtures partnerships and teamwork by:

      • Being committed to the greater good
      • Exemplifying "we" is bigger than "me"
      • Balancing the interests of others with their own
      • Recognizing the power of shared resources

A person who is adventuresome will reach beyond their recognized role to deliver support to others by:

    • Being a spirit for change
    • Committing to continuous improvement
    • Pursuing innovation in the quest for excellence
    • Breaking down silos for communication and knowledge