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Ulrich Ruckriem – Untitled


Ulrich Rückriem “Untitled”

Ulrich Rückriem “Untitled” About the Artist Ulrich Rückriem is a German-born artist who spent much of his life practicing stone masonry before he became a freelance artist. Not much information is available on this artist, and thus it’s difficult to… Continue Reading →

Untitled: Ulrich Rückriem

Untitled (Near WWU Chem Building) Ulrich Rückriem’s Untitled was created in 1989. In a similar vein to minimalist sculptors of the time such as Donald Judd, Rückriem works with overlying geometric shapes. However, perhaps in homage to his time as a stonemason… Continue Reading →

Simplicity and Stone; Ulrich Ruckriem “Untitled” (1989)

     The artist’s original intent is to highlight the work process in his pieces by practicing simplicity to reveal natural complexity and beauty. Ruckriem uses various, somewhat archaic, techniques to modify natural rock to allow viewers to see his interactions… Continue Reading →

Ulrich Rückriem; Stone and Growth

ARTIST STATEMENT On September 30th, 1938, a sculptor named Ulrich Rückriem was born in Dusseldorf, Germany. He is known for his splendid ability to make sculptures out of stone. His style tends to have a minimalist nature to them. He… Continue Reading →

“Untitled” by Ulrich Rückriem

A Glimpse Into the Unknown World Artist Information: Ulrich Rückriem is an artist originally from Düsseldorf, Germany. Having apprenticed and worked as a stone-mason in Düren and Cologne, Germany, Rückriem is strongly influenced by stone and other natural materials. His… Continue Reading →

Untitled – Ulrich Ruckriem

The untitled sculpture was created by Ulrich Ruckreim in 1989 in the midst of political turmoil. The Berlin Wall fell in 1989, a significant event for German artist, Ruckreim. Although he does not explicitly explain what his work represents, his work… Continue Reading →

Untitled – Ulrich Rückriem

Untitled from the WWU sculpture garden Video and voice over by Aja Foster. Pictures by Rachel Ahern – WordPress admin. Original works by Aja Foster and Rachel Ahern.

Untitled – Ulrich Rückriem

Fast Facts: Untitled by Ulrich Rückriem Created in 1989 Gifted to WWU in 2005 Minimalistic/Process Art Ulrich Rückriem is a German artist born in Dusseldorf. He would later move to Düren, where he’d work as an apprentice stonecutter. Eventually he… Continue Reading →

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